Glasses-free 4K 3D Display

Are you ready to take off your 3D glasses?

MDL offers a wide range of glasses-free 3D displays and the flagship glasses-free UHD 4K 3D display from 28” to 65”. 3D technology has been recognized as an exceedingly popular concept that is proven to capture viewers’ attention more so than 2D, as it increases the interest and amusement for viewers.  This is what makes our high quality 3D glasses-free displays so popular for digital advertising, exhibitions, and 3D entertainment solutions.


  • 28” to 65” landscape
  • Optional high brightness model
  • Suitable for use in shopping mall, hotel, casino, show room and exhibition hall etc.

Advanced Lenticular 3D Technology

Capture your audience’s attention to the fullest with our advanced lenticular lens technology, that gives displays a wide angle 120-degree viewing in full 3D without requiring 3D glasses. This makes our displays ideal for brands to focus on big impact marketing by capturing every passerby’s attention.

Real-time 3D Conversion Technology

MDL has developed a semi-automatic real-time conversion technology for converting 2D+depth or 3D side-by-side format into glasses-free 3D multi-view format.