Glasses-free 3D Mobile Devices

Our mobile devices including smart phones and tablets feature switchable 2D and 3D panels and lenticular 3D technology. They give users full ease of functionality and the best 3D experiences for select viewing like videos, movies, and presentations. 3D gaming is also a wonderful possibility for those who enjoy mobile gaming. Users can also adjust 3D effect to their desired level of comfort. Our devices are preloaded with Android operating systems, providing the best of typical smart phone experience but enhancing it with Glasses-free 3D technology.


  • 2D to 3D switchable panel / Lenticular 3D technology
  • Explore new depths in the games
  • Demonstrate abstract and complete concepts through 3D contents
  • Android operation system

Glasses-free 3D Smart Phone

Available from 5” to 6”, MDL’s glasses-free 3D smart phone delivers spectacular 3D entertainment integrated in everyday mobile functions right in your pocket.

Glasses-free 3D Tablet

Sizes range from 7” to 10”, MDL’s 3D tablet is an all-in-one device that supports 3D pictures, 3D videos and 3D games.